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MicroChurch is key to what we do at Cove Church. It is a time for food, relationships, and three life-changing questions. Simple process, but it radically changes lives! Micro-Churches meet at different times and locations throughout the week.

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Available MicroChurches

David and Michelle's MicroChurch


When you attend MicroChurch with David and Michelle, you can expect warmth, food, fellowship, and love. Also, a time of worship, teaching, sharing, and prayer will occur. Their MicroChurch starts at 7 p.m. and ends promptly at 9 p.m. The Sellicks earnestly hope to see you in their group!

David and Michelle desire to be friends and worshippers of God in Spirit and truth. They have been involved with small groups and home churches in the past and have the heart for discipleship and relational Christianity. They have three grown children and one grandchild. So children are always welcome.

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Whittney's MicroChurch


Whittney has grown up in ministry  and loves  to tell others about Jesus. Her MicroChurch usually meets in a coffee shop during the week. This atmosphere is a great place to make friends and talk about living a Christian life in the community. Whittney invites you to join her group and begin your journey toward Christ in a safe and friendly place!

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Allison's MicroChurch


What can I say to hook your attention!? I am the mother of three boys. The first boy, after eating two large Little Caesar's pizzas and a cheesy bread, just asked what we are having for breakfast. The second boy, is in the kitchen making lembas bread (elvish waybread) to eat while watching Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time! Supposedly, one bite of lembas bread will fill the belly of a grown man for days. Maybe I should just eat it instead of doing the Keto diet? The third boy is quietly viewing his tablet while I type this short introduction amidst a mound of laundry with a dog licking my foot. Oh yeah! The biggest boy, my husband of twenty-one years, high school sweetheart, and pastor of Cove Church is preparing for his busy week. So, I am smack-dab in the middle of life, and it's real, y'all! Join me and let's learn about Jesus. I love Him!

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Starting Soon


Check back soon. We have new MicroChurches in the works!

Starting Soon


Check back soon. We have new MicroChurches in the works!

Starting Soon


Check back soon. We have new MicroChurches in the works!